How to Give a Big Creamy Orgasm – Giving a Girl an Orgasm Without Having to Ejaculate

It’s the latest hot topic in the gay community, and a huge debate between the big cunts and the little cunts. Who has the bigger vagina? This question is often asked by women that want to have big creamy orgasms. You will be surprised at how simple it is to give your girlfriend some good long, hard cunnilingus, and this article will show you exactly how to do just that.

As a rule, vagina size has nothing to do with it. You see, the only way a woman can get a big creamy orgasm from oral sex is if you give her a very big orgasm. If you are not capable of giving her an orgasm of that magnitude, then chances are she is not going to get any pleasure out of it.

So, how to give a big creamy orgasm without having to ejaculate first? Simple, it is all about getting her aroused before the sex even starts.

The first thing you need to do is tell her how you are feeling when you are having sex, and make her aware of how turned on she should be. Tell her that you love the way she looks, how wet she is and how tight she is in the middle. Then, make sure that you move your tongue against her g spot. You can use your tongue to stimulate the area, but if you can’t get an erection, then just use your fingers.

Here is a hot tip, though. Most men who think they know what to do to give a woman an orgasm, don’t know how to make it happen in real life. If you are able to go slow and tease her for a while before you begin, then she is more likely to reach orgasm.

Next, you will want to start playing some sexual positions. When I say some, I mean some. Don’t go straight into some missionary-style action. That will just turn her off. Instead, try using different positions like doggy style or missionary.

While you play, tell her that you are not going to do anything and just watch her reaction. This way, when you get into the missionary position, you are going to use your tongue on her g spot and you are going to be able to stimulate her g spot completely without having to ejaculate.

In other words, cunnilingus. It is an excellent way to give a girl an orgasm and she doesn’t even have to ejaculate.

Cunnilingus isn’t hard, but there are a few things that you need to watch out for. Let’s start with the tip you have been wanting to hear.

When you lick her vagina or mouth, it is important that you use only your tongue. Never pull your hand away from her vagina when you lick her. This can cause her to ejaculate as soon as you lick her and will cause her to experience pain and embarrassment. so make sure that you never pull away from her vagina.

You may also want to avoid licking her g spot while you are lapping at her vagina. Because the g spot is a sensitive part of the vagina, most women have a lot of sensitivity. when you are licking it, you will make her more sensitive to your tongue, which is not a good thing.

When you start to lick her vagina, don’t use too much pressure. When you lick it too hard, it can send vibrations through her vagina that can make her feel very uncomfortable. So, don’t use too much pressure at once. Use just enough to get her aroused and then begin to use more.

After you lick her, you want to continue licking her vagina for about a minute or two, then stop. Kiss her again for about two minutes. Now you can start kissing her again. Then you can go to using your fingers again and make sure that you can control yourself when you do so.