Safe Sex Tips – Oral Sex

Oral sex, also known as cunnilinguistic stimulation or fellatio, is sexual intercourse performed in which the tongue and lips are used on a man’s sexual organs for the purpose of pleasuring him sexually. This may involve licking or sucking his penis (including fellatio) or other parts of his body (especially the scrotum, foreskin or perineum), the vagina, vulva, clitoris or anally (in addition to oral sex).

Oral sex usually takes place between people of the same sex. The act is sometimes done with the partner of the same gender. Oral sex generally has various levels of intensity, ranging from mild to very intense. The level of sexual stimulation experienced by the partner also varies according to the person’s physical capacity. In fact, oral sex may be considered as a sexual activity because it can be so pleasurable.

In traditional cultures like the Egyptians and Romans, oral sex was often accompanied by intercourse, in which the man’s penis was inserted into the woman’s vagina. However, there are some cultures where the two activities do not occur at all. In these instances, the oral sex is purely a means of foreplay.

The physical responses experienced during oral sex include the stimulation of various erogenous areas. There may be the stimulation of the lips or gums, the insertion of the fingers or mouth or the actual penetration of the penis into the vagina or even anus. The penis is a highly sensitive organ and one that may react in different ways to different stimulation. So, if one partner is giving oral sex to another, then the effect can be quite different compared to if there was intercourse involved.

When oral sex is practiced among married couples, it has been found that there is a lot of marital hostility. This is because husbands feel that wives have been indulging in oral sex before marriage. They are afraid that their wives are planning to take advantage of them sexually and thus they will resort to violence to ensure that their wives do not indulge in this sexual act. If you are engaged in oral sex with your wife without her knowing about it, you run the risk of being accused of wife-beating. {although it is not usually the case in real world, as women usually take the initiative to initiate sex with their husband anyway. Thus, if you want to avoid this kind of situation, it is better to get your wife’s permission first.

Some women also have a fear of getting infected during oral sex. Therefore, when engaging in oral sex with a woman, be very careful not to allow your hands to come in contact with her private parts.

If you are in a relationship and you and the other person in the relationship is having an oral sex fetish, then you have to remember that the act can turn out to be a dangerous proposition, if you are not careful. In fact, some people who have an oral fetish may not let go of the act even after an orgasm, thereby causing themselves unnecessary pain and even death.

If you are a man who is interested in having oral sex with a woman, then you should ask her first, so that she has a fair idea of what she would expect from you, and what she wants in return. Also, never go for oral sex on a woman who is sick, is menstruating or is undergoing chemotherapy.

Although oral sex is considered as safe sex, it is important for you to remember that there are a lot of things that you can do in order to prevent a woman from getting pregnant, such as not performing oral sex when you are not completely clean. It is also important to remember that you should never perform oral sex on a woman who is not in the mood.

For those women who are already pregnant, you must be very careful with your oral sex. Make sure that you are not performing oral sex on a woman who is already on the period, or on a woman who is suffering from pregnancy. The reason why this is important is that the body of a pregnant woman is quite different from that of a non-pregnant woman.

Although oral sex is considered as safe, it is important for a man to keep an eye on your partner. There is always a possibility that something might happen to cause her discomfort during oral sex.