The Rundown: Safe Word (LustCinema)

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Safe Word is a LustCinema miniseries that centers around a fairly arrogant and pretentious play director (played by the super-hot Mona Wales), who insults auditioning actors, her staff, and even her bosses. The kids these days may even call her a “Karen,” but her name is, in fact, Christie. However, her outward social façade is quickly shattered when her new neighbor introduces her to the world of BDSM. Then we get to see Christie was the one who needed to be dominated all along.

Scene highlight(s)

The direction and story-telling is spot-on throughout the whole feature, and there are a couple of scenes that are downright dazzling, including Nina Hartley’s initial domination of Mona Wales. Nina is a pro and, as usual, anything she touches has that irreplaceable magic.  However, the sheer intensity of Mickey fingering a tied up and blindfolded Julia Roca is a stand-out moment. Mona Watches, and it’s her first foray into the world of BDSM. Each moment is a new, unmatchable pleasure. Julia can’t help but moan and flex as he stimulates her faster, deeper, and more passionately.


“Fuck the producers; I’m Christie Alda.” – Christie Alda (Safe Word)

If we all haven’t said that about our bosses before! Albeit, it’s always ended in my termination. Still, that’s the price of living a life with self-respect.

Why we love it

As the sophisticated viewers we are, we love when studios like LustCinema and directors like Erika Lust give us something to chew on rather than your generic montage of sex scenes. Safe Word takes a moment to flesh out characters, desires, motivations, and makes you invest just enough to give each scene an extra boost or reward for the viewer. It creates an environment where you’re not only sexually aroused in your pants but sexually aroused…in your mind! You’ll find yourself wanting to see what happens next instead of just waiting for the next titty to flop out.


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